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Importing LeoCAD models into Bryce

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Rendered LeoCAD modelin Bryce

In this tutorial, I would like to present the procedure I use to import "lego like" models of LeoCAD into Bryce.

Open your model in LeoCAD or use this one (1557+pilote.lcd).

LeoCAD model (1557+pilote.lcd)


Go to File > Export > 3D Studio... and save the .3ds file.

Start Bryce and import the 3ds model into the scene (File > Import Object...).

LeoCAD model


Click on the "E" button and change the angle to 64 by dragging the vertical bar. Click on the "Smooth" image to smooth the model.

64 is generally a correct value for smoothing. If parts are smoothed too much, select the part and unsmooth it.

Smooth model


Click on the "U" button to ungroup the model. Click on one of the parts of the model.

Selection single part


Click the "M" button (or Ctrl+M) to open the Materials lab. Change the reflection to 15 and accept the changes.

Use for transparent parts in your model, a colored glass material from the Materials library.

Materials lab


Press the Tab key to go to the next part of the model and change the reflection to 15. Repeat this for all the parts in the model.


After modification of all parts, select all part of the model and group by clicking the "G" button.


Save the model in the Objects library for future use.


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