Panoramic Photography - Costum made panoramic head for Olympus C-5060WZ

There are several tutorials on the web for building costum made panoramic heads. Building a panoramic head for an Olympus C-5060WZ is rather simple. You only need a joist angle!
Some technical details of the camera to start with. The nodal point of the C-5060WZ is 42mm (focal lenght 27mm) in front of the tripod socket (nodal points for a large number of cameras can be found here). The distance between the center of the lens and the bottom of camera is 29mm.

Holes were drilled into the steel joist angle (100mmx100mx2mm) at the positions as indicated below. The angle was mounted on a Pearl panorama rotation disk.

A Cullmann spirit level, mounted on the hot shoe, is used to level the panoramic head.

Panorama shooting

Olympus C-5060WZ has a panorama mode allowing you to make 10 pictures using the same exposure and white balance which is determined by the first shot. When using a panorama-enabled xD-card, a panorama can be assembled using the Camedia software which is shipped with the camera. The functionality of Camedia is rather limited (only automatic and no 360° stitching, reduced image size). PanaVue ImageAssembler is used instead for stitching the panoramas.
The panorama rotation disk has 20 stops of 18° each. For a 10 picture 360° panorama every 36° a picture is taken. The C-5060WZ (zoom position 27mm, mounted in portrait position) has a 48° HFoV and a 67 °VFoV. The overlap between the images is therefor 25%.

The 10 pictures below, (Place Abbatucci, Huningue, France) were taken using the panoramic head. For convenience, the remote controller RM-2 was used to trip the shutter.

Below, the raw panorama after automatic stitching with PanaVue ImageAssembler.

The cropped 360° panorama and QTVR are available in the gallery.