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Doctor_W_Presents "Nice familiar face" and "Venus admiring" remixes.

Rammstein - Du Hast - A Cappella cover

Only noises out of my mouth were used :) > Music - Tracks.

360 Audio - Le lion est mort ce soir

A cappella version of "Le lion est mort ce soir" (the lion sleeps tonight) as 360 Audio. Ambisonic audio file mixed in Ableton Live using the Envelop Max for live tools (www.envelop.us). 360 Video footage made in Bryce 7.1 / Shotcut.>Music - Videos

Buffer TempoScan

This M4L instrument scans an audio file (from a buffer) for the length of a specified note value (Scan Size) at a specific position (Scan Start) repeatedly according to the project tempo. The audio output can be directed to 4 different stereo outputs according to the midi note selected.>Music - M4L devices


PMEDig - Vigado

Vigado > Music - Tracks.