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3D - Downloads for Poser


EuroPallet "figure" with 5 textures.



Download: PMEDig-EuroPallet_4Poser.zip (1440 kB)

Industrial Robot

A poseable industrial robot figure with ERC dails on the BODY to turn every part of robot.



Download: PMEDig-IndustrialRobot_4Poser.zip (504 kB)

IBC - Intermediate Bulk Container V2

This is version 2 of the IBC previous released on ShareCG. In version 2 the IBC is a figure with MAT poses for the tank (4 textures), metal cage (3 textures) and palette (3 textures). A plate for the labels is available as smart prop with 3 different textures. Templates for the tank and plate are included.



Download: PMEDig-IBC_V2_4poser.zip (1051KB)

Stand for Mannequin

Poser prop for Mannequin.



Download: PMEDig-Stand4Mannequin_4Poser.zip (125KB)