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Kontakt Instruments

FOF Choir - Matrix

PMEDig - FOF Choir - Matrix - Pianobook

PMEDig - FOF Choir - Matrix on pianobook.co.uk

Demo video of the instrument

FOF Choir

PMEDig - FOF Choir - Pianobook

PMEDig - FOF Choir on pianobook.co.uk

Demo video of the instrument

Sansula Matrix

PMEDig - Sansula Matrix - Pianobook

PMEDig - Sansula Matrix on pianobook.co.uk

Development and demo video of the instrument

Strummed Mountain Dulcimer

PMEDig - StrummedMountainDulcimer - Pianobook

PMEDig - Strummed Mountain Dulcimer on pianobook.co.uk

Demo video

Swarming Music Box

PMEDig - Swarming Music Box - Pianobook

PMEDig - Swarming Music Box on pianobook.co.uk

Download: Artificial Impulse Response Files (swarms, impulse decays)

Walkthrough video


PMEDig - Cajon - Pianobook

Published Cajon, a Kontakt instrument, on Pianobook, a collective sample project inspiring musicians to embrace the magic of sampling and share their creations with the community.
PMEDig - Cajon

Walkthrough video