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Music - mnnnwknd Maastricht 2000 CD

In inspiration of a fantastic weekend in Maastricht (The Netherlands), 5 songs were made. Listen or download the songs!

PS: mnnnwknd = mannenweekend = weekend for men



Right click the links below and "Save target as..." to download mp3 and the covers in a printable format or for your ipod.


01 mnnnwknd "Nightlive" Mix 6:11 (mp3 128kbps, 5.8MB)
02 mnnnwknd "In Trance" Mix 6:00 (mp3 128kbps, 5.6MB)
03 mnnnwknd "Sint Servaas" Mix 4:27 (mp3 128kbps, 4.2MB)
04 Slenteren 4:19 (mp3 128kbps, 4.1MB)
05 mnnnwknd "E-mail" Mix 0:41 (mp3 128kbps, 0.6MB)


pmedig - mnnnwknd Maastricht 2000 - Frontcover (708x708px, 150dpi)
pmedig - mnnnwknd Maastricht 2000 - Backcover (886x696px, 150dpi)
pmedig - mnnnwknd Maastricht 2000 - Frontcover4ipod (300x300px)